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Recipe for success starts with diversity

For one Silicon Valley startup, the road to success begins with nontraditional leadership and hiring practices that prove diversity not only exists but can be a competitive edge.

The IT outsourcing price wars are on

Outsourcing customers are seeing some IT services prices dip as much as 40 percent. But industry experts advise caution during this period of industry transition.

How to tell if a company's culture is right for you

You want to work where you are inspired to do your best and appreciated by your colleagues and manager. However, that kind of fit doesn’t happen by chance. Find out what it takes to target the right job, company and culture.

Employees have no qualms in selling corporate passwords

Plenty of people are careless with their own personal passwords -- using the same one for multiple sites, and/or making them so simple that they are comically easy to crack -- but hardly anyone would intentionally sell them for a few bucks to someone they know would use them to do them harm.