CIO 100 2010 - Transforming Business Through Innovation and Execution
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CIO Conference & Awards 2011


8 March 2011

Kuala Lumpur

10 March 2011

Hong Kong

25 March 2011

CIO Conference 2010 will take place in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong in the month of March 2011.

In Singapore, the CIO Conference will be held in conjunction with the CIO Award Ceremony, where the five most outstanding organisations from the CIO 100 index, will be announced and presented with the awards. These five winners will also share their winning strategies, technology innovations which have transform the way their business gets done, and for audience to take away great ideas for leading their own business into the future.

CIO Conference Highlight

C-Suite Harmony: Is Everyone Singing In Tune with Business - IT Alignment?

Featuring: the Great Debate
"CIOs are now true business technologists properly valued by their enterprises"

Even though Asia's maturing IT industry is near the end of the first decade of the 21st century, inadequate progress appears to have been made with the perennial issue of Business - IT alignment.

CIOs still often argue that management doesn't understand the needs of the IT Department and doesn't give priority to fundamental issues like infrastructure innovation, digital security, disaster recovery, compliance and the environment.

CEOs and CFOs still feel that too many CIOs don't speak their business language. CIOs complain that they are always being asked to do more with less. CEOs and CFOs still too often describe the IT Department as a financial black hole.

Yes, too much internal energy continues to be wasted on intra-enterprise management civil war when it should be directed towards innovation, greater efficiency and profitability.

So how can an enterprise achieve harmony with business-IT alignment?
What are the secrets to C-suite accord?
Which enterprises from which industries are singing most in tune?

At the CIO Asia magazines flagship annual CIO Conference 2011, we shall discover some of the secrets of aligning IT with business goals and strategy.

The CIO Asia Conference 2010 will once again include a fascinating format - the 'Great Debate' - where two teams consisting of business/IT leaders, analysts and vendor representatives will be arguing their cases on the motion: "CIOs are now true business technologists properly valued by their enterprises"

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