CIO 100 2010 - Transforming Business Through Innovation and Execution
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Nominations for the 2011 CIO100 Index and CIO Awards are now closed

Thank you and best of luck to everyone who have submitted entries.

The selected 2011 CIO100 Honourees and the five CIO Awards winners will be officially announced on 8th of March, at the CIO Award Ceremony to be held in conjunction with 2011 CIO Conference, Singapore. Further updates and event information will be sent via e-mail to the main contact persons and/or project leaders listed in the submitted nomination forms.

For any queries regarding the CIO100 and CIO Awards nomination, please contact:
Jack Loo
Tel: +65 6395 8062

For more information on the 2011 CIO Conference & CIO Awards event, please contact:
Cheryl Hariman
Tel: +65 6395 8043

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S0 What Makes A CIO 100 Honouree?

Admission to the CIO 100 involves a stringent process that requires an organisation to be evaluated from a range of perspectives. When we look at a company, we will examine how value was added to the enterprise by the projects, including the following criteria:

Strategic impact

  • » Penetrating new markets
  • » Changing the rules of competition in the market
  • » Increasing market share

Customer impact

  • » Giving customers a wider choice of products and services
  • » Delivering better service
  • » Faster, more efficient transactions

Financial impact

  • » Cost savings
  • » Increased profits
  • » Raising productivity

Operational impact

  • » Better intra and extra-supply chain collaboration
  • » Faster turnaround times
  • » Improving time-to-market

Social impact

  • » Improving the quality of life in society
  • » Improved employee experience and welfare
  • » Environmental friendliness

Nomination Tips

What attracts the panel's attention

Areas of best practices

The CIO 100 judging panel is on the lookout for companies that have broken new ground in using IT systems / initiatives / projects in adding value to their customers.

Firstly, a straightforward, out-of-the-box software or hardware implementation will NOT help your organisation make the cut. The panel is looking for innovation, creativity and best practices in your organisation's use of technology to drive the business. The CIO 100 recognises business innovation and leadership, and is not a basic technology-oriented award. Ultimately the panel is looking for the strategic impact of the nominated initiative—at the very least, one that includes the creation of new revenue channels and business areas, and ideally one that also includes the transformation of the nominee's industry/sector.

Details, details, details: Take time to demonstrate, quantify and explain precisely how value was added to your organisation by the system/initiative/project you are nominating. Brevity may be the soul of wit, but it may not necessarily garner your organisation a CIO 100 placing and hard figures speak much louder than words.

Objectives: Clearly spell out the goals that your organisation was trying to achieve with the system/initiative or project being nominated.

The project: Provide as many details/numbers as you can about the nominated system, including: project dates/timelines/history/milestones; costs (in US$ terms); details on the IT vendors and technologies associated with the project and their role in its success; organisational details and roles, such as the teams involved and how they worked towards the success of the project; and ROI: where possible, share and spell out the returns to the organisation brought about by the project.

Stress and identify best practices that were used or developed when managing the project.

Impact: Demonstrate and quantify the impact on customers, employees, efficiency levels, cost, and other parameters, wherever possible, in numerical, percentage or fiscal terms. Don't just say: there were improvements in manpower efficiency; show how many work hours were saved by implementing a new ERP system, for instance.

Verification: Finally, provide your full contact details (or if you are a third party nominating an enterprise) the contact details of the relevant person(s) within the organisation whom the panel of judges can contact for verification of information, where necessary.

The CIO 100 judging panel is also looking for evidence of best practices used by your company in the areas listed below. The descriptions are simply suggestions and you are free to demonstrate how value was added in your organisation's experience.

Knowledge Management: facilitating the capture, exchange and dissemination of corporate knowledge, expertise and practices within the company and with business partners and value chain partners. E-business innovation: the use of electronic or online initiatives to, for instance, create new sales channels, drive new revenue streams, or offer a more diverse portfolio of services.

People Management: how the organisation's human resources are managed, to bring out the best potential in teams.

Value chain excellence: from internal inventory to production, to managing relationships with suppliers, business partners and customers extending down and up the value chain.

Integration: how your organisation has managed the integration of complex systems of data, information, systems and organisational structures to achieve enhanced efficiency.

Customer Service: delivering new customer experiences, through innovative service, self-help, online, call centre and other customer-related channels.

Security: how systems and initiatives are kept secure, or network infrastructure holes, and customer and critical business information is kept secure.

Resourcing: how the organisation has managed its relationship with vendors who handle resourcing projects for it, and how this relationship was able to bring about maximum results.

Cost management: creative and innovative use of IT systems and initiatives that are able to reap millions of dollars in enterprise-wide savings, as well as ramp up operational efficiency and performance. Quantifying IT Value: how the organisation has looked at IT investment through analysis tools such as ROI, EVA, the Balanced Scorecard and other methodologies to quantify and demonstrate the value of the investments.

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